The basics

A short overview of Fixers platform terms.


A term used to describe a brand or individual selling products using the Fixers platform on their own website or in the Fixers marketplace.


A term used by Fixers to describe customers booking in the Fixers marketplace or a Creator's website.


An item sold by a Creator. A product can be an experience, an experience with accommodation, an experience without accommodation.

Marketplace BETA

The Fixers store hosted at - the Fixers marketplace is a curated online store of the most exciting and unique experiences on the planet.


Studio is the ultimate toolkit for running a travel and experience business. Create a beautiful website with specialist e-commerce and marketing tools to help you grow.

You can find a full glossary of Fixers terms here.

If you want to know more about the Fixers, explore our community in the marketplace BETA — you can start here.

If you would like to sell your experiences using Studio - you can start selling today here.