Intro to your Brand Home

A quick guide to finding your way around your Brand Home area on the Fixers platform.

When you login to your Creator account on the Fixers platform, at you will land at your Brand Home.

Brand Home

In your Brand Home you will see any alerts about upcoming Office Hours and Product Updates from our blog 'Grow'. Coming soon are sales updates, targets, things to action and more...

You can access the rest of your Brand Home tools using the sidebar on the left hand side, from here you can reach your bookings, marketing actions, view and edit your brands settings, and configure your website store and get support from the Fixers team.

You can also use the Refer a friend button to earn rewards by introducing any experience Creators you know that you think could benefit from using the Fixers platform!

Multiple Brands

If you're the owner of multiple brands on Fixers you can use the Brand switcher in the top left corner to interchange between your brands.

Getting Help

Throughout your Brand Home area you'll see the orange chat bubble in the left hand corner, if at any time you need help understanding / using a feature and you can't find what you need here in the help centre you can click this and open a live chat with a member of the Fixers team or email