Fixers Marketplace BETA FAQ

The Fixers marketplace is a curated online store of the most exciting and unique experiences on the planet.

How do I set up my Fixers marketplace listing?

Once you have set up your product via your brand home this information is used to create your Fixers marketplace listing.

What does a Fixers marketplace listing look like?

See what a version of your product looks like in the marketplace via your product's edit screen - 'view on Fixers'. Browse examples of listing pages in the Fixers marketplace here.

What is a Fixers marketplace shop?

Your Fixers marketplace shop is a way for customers that visit the Fixers marketplace to get to know your brand. Every brand that launches on Fixers receive a shop in our marketplace at automatically.

Your marketplace shop is located in Fixers marketplace and is another way to market your products. Your marketplace shop allows you to engage with a more widespread community of shoppers—one outside of your existing following.

To access your shop page on Fixers, enter this URL in your navigation bar:

You can configure your Fixers marketplace shop via your brand home under 'Shop'.

How do you decide what category my product will be listed under?

You can set this yourself when you create a product - there are two types of categories to select from. If you can't see a category that applies to your product please get in touch and we'll get it added!

How do I sell my products in the Fixers marketplace?

Selling your products in the Fixers marketplace is optional if you would like to apply to sell in the marketplace Creators can submit experiences to be listed in our marketplace by getting in touch Once your product is ready for sale, it will be reviewed by a member of the Fixers marketplace team. To be sold in the Fixers marketplace your experience may be edited to meet the Fixers marketplace terms and conditions for sale.

What does it cost to sell my products in the Fixers marketplace?

Fees on sales made in the Fixers marketplace are 10% including payment processing. A marketplace sale

Can I make changes to my products once they are live in the Fixers marketplace?

Yes - any change you make to your product in your product's admin will also be reflected in the Fixers marketplace. These changes when made are reviewed monitored by our marketplace team - if any changes do not meet our terms you will be contacted by a member of our team to notify you of any revisions required.

How will I know when my products have sold in the Fixers marketplace?

If you have made your products available for sale in the Fixers marketplace - any sales made in the marketplace will be shown via your statement.

What if don't want to sell my products in the Fixers marketplace?

Selling your products in the Fixers marketplace is optional.

What communications will my customers receive if they buy a product in the Fixers marketplace?

Customers will receive an automated booking confirmation via the platform after this they will receive any communications set by Creators. For more information please see an example timeline.

What happens with customer's data when they purchase a product in the Fixers marketplace?

We will never sell or spam customers when they purchase products in the Fixers marketplace. At the point of purchase customers are required to agree to receive communications from the Fixers platform. Please see Fixers full customer terms and privacy policy.

What does it mean that the Fixers marketplace is in BETA?

The Fixers marketplace is currently in beta mode. We're working behind the scenes to bring you a whole new set of tools to manage how you are listed in the marketplace way to discover and book experiences launching in 2020.